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Hana Full-Day Waterfalls & Rain Forest Hike

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Hana Full-Day Waterfalls & Rain Forest Hike

Quick Overview

Maui's ultimate waterfall wonderland - an area still described as "old Hawai‘i."

 * Hike 4.5 miles in Maui's national park.
 * Sometimes called "Seven Sacred Pools," but it is so much more -- a network of pools and cascading waterfalls.
 * Waterfalls: 45-foot, 200-foot, 400-foot and more.
 * Acres of towering bamboo and a huge rain forest.
 * Hana Hwy: Drive the famous road with us, 2.5-hr. drive from central Maui.
 * Circle around East Maui on the van ride to and from the trailhead.
 * Lunch and snacks included.

Oheo Gulch waterfalls

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  • Hiking Hana waterfall mist
  • Oheo Gulch - Seven Sacred Pools
  • Hana hiking bamboo forest banyan tree
  • Kipahulu hike waterfall view
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Maui's ultimate waterfall wonderland - an area still described as "old Hawai‘i."

 * Hike 4.5 miles in Maui's national park.
 * Sometimes called "Seven Sacred Pools," but it is so much more -- a network of pools and cascading waterfalls.
 * Waterfalls: 45-foot, 200-foot, 400-foot and more.
 * Acres of towering bamboo and a huge rain forest.
 * Hana Hwy: Drive the famous road with us, 2.5-hr. drive from central Maui.
 * Circle around East Maui on the van ride to and from the trailhead.
 * Lunch and snacks included.

Frequently Asked Questions - Hike Maui

What shoes do we wear?

For the waterfall / rain forest hikes: Running shoes or sports sandals (like Tevas, Chacos or Keens). For the Four-mile Crater Hike: Running shoes are suitable. There is no need to bring hiking boots unless you want to (they do take up a lot of suitcase space). Your shoes may get muddy or dirty on any of the hikes.

What clothes should we wear?

For the waterfall / rain forest hikes: Shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are best. If mosquitoes really bother you (your guide carries repellent), you could wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Also, you will want your swimsuit to swim in the waterfalls and pools (optional).

For the Four-mile Crater Hike: The weather is often cool or cold (the altitude is 10,000 feet) and then it can warm up as you hike, so layered clothing is best, including a jacket, down vest, sweatshirt or sweater. You guide will also carry extra jacets.

Do we need to bring anything else?

A towel, if the hike includes swimming, and sun screen.

Are there mosquitoes?

In the rain forests, yes. In Haleakala Crater, no. We bring mosquito repellent, but bring your own, if you prefer a particular brand.

Should we bring water?

No. Hike Maui provides water, food, backpacks, rain gear, insect repellent, First Aid equipment.

What's for lunch?

Your choice of either a turkey sandwich, a vegetarian garden burger, or a peanut butter and jam sandwich, plus a large cookie and fruit--bananas, pineapple and whatever else is in season. Bottled water to drink.

The Short Waterfalls Walk does not include lunch, however, just a snack and bottled water.

Should we bring a camera?

Yes. Please also bring a Ziplock or a plastic bag due to possible rain showers. While hiking, it's often best to pad your camera with a towel in your backpack in case you slip or bang it on something. Any equipment you bring, you do have to be responsible for, even if the guide is helping you take photos.

Will there be a bathroom on the trail?

On some hikes there are toilets or porta potties at the trailhead. Once we're hiking, though, we head for the bushes. If you're uncomfortable using the bushes, please let your guide know before the hike begins so you can both figure out what's best for you.

Should we tip the guide?

If you're happy with the hike, it is the best way to show your appreciation.


The eccentric naturalist & the travel writer . . .

In 1980 Ken Schmitt put a backpack on his back and left a successful city life to live off the land in the jungles of Maui. He stayed there, living outside and exploring nature, for the next three years. In universities, he studied classical Greek and Latin, Oriental philosophies and religions. In the jungle, he studied Mother Earth. He became an expert on the birds, the plants, the ocean, the insects and the geology of these incredible islands.

Hike Maui story quote

Soon, travel writers discovered this "eccentric naturalist." Guidebook after guidebook called Ken "a walking encyclopedia," and the reputation stuck. Still today, people expect Hike Maui to deliver the best.

MJ Harden, Ken's partner, was one of these early travel writers. She met Ken while writing for the San Francisco Examiner in 1984, and joined Hike Maui full-time a decade later. She still writes— a Maui guidebook which won the state's Best Guidebook in Hawai'i award, and a book of interviews, "Voices of Wisdom Hawaiian Elders Speak," which won a national cultural award. In 2004 she wrote a documentary on Hawaiian culture and history which was Hawaii's cultural presentation at the opening of the Smithsonian's new American Indian Museum.

Together they've built one of the foremost land tour companies in Hawai'i. Ken's once one-man show now employs numerous guides whose mission remains the same—to give visitors the most profound experience of their vacation. At the same time, they don't skip on the fun and adventure.

Ken Schmitt and MJ Harden

Ken Schmitt and MJ Harden, founders of Hike Maui
Ken Schmitt and MJ Harden, founders of Hike Maui

quote - what sets Hike Maui apart is its hike leaders

It is our guides who make Hike Maui the best.

Always the top guides in the business, they are renowned for their knowledge of Hawaiian botany, geology, culture and history. Their mission is to teach people about Hawai`i, and to do so while having a fun adventure. Anyone can walk you through the woods–when you have a great guide, it is a day to remember.

Often described in the press as “walking encyclopedias”, Hike Maui guides receive extensive training, both book learning and on the trails. They also are trained in Wilderness First Responder and CPR.

Let them take you on a safe and amazing adventure.

Click on the photos below to meet the guides

hike guide 1hike guide 2hike guide 4hike guide 5hike guide 6hike guide 7hike guide 8hike guide 9hike guide 10hike guide 11hike guide 12hike guide 13hike guide 14hike guide 15hike guide 16hike guide 17hike guide 19hike guide 20

Hike Maui Guide Akiko Akiko Rave Review link


She came to Hike Maui seeking an office job, but, we realized immediately that Akiko would be a great guide. She’s athletic, adventuresome, engaging, articulate and fun. She readily jumps off rope swings and plunges into waterfalls - an outdoorsy local girl who grew up on the Big Island dancing hula and paddling a canoe.

Akiko tried out the Mainland for a few years, going to school in Austin, Texas, to get an associate degree in aviation science. There she became a flight attendant and a pilot. And, she introduced her culture to Austin by starting an outrigger canoe club. But, finally she returned to her roots, bringing husband Harry and daughter Maile with her. With Maile in school, mom could start work again, though she insists, “I don’t feel like hiking is work at all. I love meeting visitors and sharing my aloha.”

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Hike Maui Guide Bocher Bocher Rave Review link


His first name is Dan, but his friends call him Bocher (sounds like soccer). Since he’ll be your new best friend during your adventure, you should call him Bocher too!

Bocher’s friendliness with people and the outdoors is a family affair. He spent his upbringing outdoors, at the family cabin in the woods of Wisconsin, hiking, hunting and enjoying all kinds of shenanigans in wide-open spaces. Since then he has worked with kids, studied psychology and followed his sister to Maui, where he discovered the jungles of Hana and the heights of Haleakala. His background makes him a great all-ages guide; his commitment to safety, comfort and having fun make him the perfect best friend. What are his favorite trips? Those with people who are ready to experience something special, and maybe get a little dirty on the way. And then there are the free hugs he passes out at the end of every trip.

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Hike Maui Guide Chris Chris Rave Review link

CHRIS (‘Ula ‘Ula)

His Hawaiian friends call him ‘Ula ‘Ula, which means“red” (Chris’ golden red hair is your clue). He hikes with an infectious spirit, all the while educating you about his duo loves (ocean and land).

He’s a long way from New York, but, he says: "I’m an island guy -- from Manhattan to Maui." What brought him to Maui? "Common sense," he insists. "I wanted mountains and oceans. I have everything I need here."

Chris has been vice principal of a Jesuit high school, a ski instructor in Vail, the activity director of a luxury hotel in Lana’i, and a Hawaiian canoe guide.

His biggest adventure was surviving six days lost in five-foot deep snow and blizzard conditions at 10,000 feet near Yosemite in 2002. His rescue made the news, and made him happy to head back to Hawai’i – "where I’m home to stay."

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Hike Maui Guide Dawn Dawn Rave Review link


“Is she always this enthusiastic?” one client asked. Yes, she is. Dawn loves to talk, loves to laugh, loves to share, loves to teach. And she wants you to have fun. “It’s exciting teaching people surrounded by nature–which I love. It’s fun to see them jumping from waterfalls– they’re so excited and scared to do it.

“Honestly, this is the best job I’ve ever had. We’re constantly learning as guides, and the outdoors is where I’m happiest.” Before guiding, Dawn was a professional hula dancer, a part-time teacher and she coached cross country running, basketball and soccer.

“I coached because of my son Brannon and because I love seeing kids improve. Brannon’s my passion. He’s a smart kid and a really good boy, and he’s interested in the same outdoor activities as I am.”

Dawn was raised in the country on Maui in an old plantation style home. “We farmed the land: sweet potatoes, kalo, bananas. And we were always down at the ocean. We were taught to fish and throw nets. We grew up Hawaiian style.”

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Hike Maui Guide Dylan Dylan Rave Review link


When we contacted Dylan's previous employer for a reference, she said: "He's your man. He's awesome." Yes he is.

Dylan is an athlete. He attended college on a swimming scholarship. He competed as an elite amateur triathlete for years; he runs several marathons a year; and he paddles canoe with a local club.

Dylan grew up in Ontario, Canada, and Raleigh, North Carolina, and he lived in Paris, France, and worked in Atlanta, Georgia. But he's "home" in Maui because, he loves: "The life style, the people, the culture -- I relate best here."

He lives on a small farm, upstairs in a barn with goats, dogs, pigs, cats and horses as his downstairs' neighbors.

By hiking every day, Dylan says he gets more in tune with the land and its cycles. "You see how things are different week to week. I really enjoy that and I love sharing it with visitors."

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Hike Maui Guide Eddie Eddie Rave Review link


Eddie has worked since he was 17 -- setting tile and wood floors. He has managed flooring companies, owned his own business and reorganized many companies. “I had a reputation as a trouble shooter who could come in and fix a company,” he says. “I got really good at organizing stores and bidding jobs. For nine years i never missed on my estimate numbers.”

That was in Florida. On Maui, however, he wanted to get off the floor and onto the land. As a surfer, he considered Hawai’i to be surfing’s mecca. “Hawaiian waves have more power and more consistency and they’re larger. Surfing is like my church. It helps my mind, body and spirit.”

Eddie says Hike Maui is “a dream job -- every day is different. I get to hike and swim and learn about history and plants and geology. We’re taught so much at HIke Maui. Knowing the plants makes hiking so personal. It brings you a lot closer to nature when you understand what’s in it. I really enjoy sharing that.”

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Hike Maui Guide Erik erik Rave Review link


You wouldn't expect your hiking guide to speak Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai and some Chinese. Nor would you expect him to be an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. But, that's Erik, a very unusual guy. He learned the languages for his Naval Intelligence job--tracking down the bones of Vietnam War POWs and MIAs.

"We'd jump out of helicopters and search for crashed planes and clues," he explains. "We fished through the soil bucket by bucket with villagers to find bones. Then we'd send them for DNA testing to give them back to their families. We lived in the jungle for three months at a time, so I learned a lot of survival techniques. And I brought dozens of bodies back."

He left to marry and raise a family in Australia for 15 years, but, "once you've lived in Hawai'i (Navy base), you can never really leave," he said. He loves hiking for: "The recharge you get from being in the rain forest and the ability to share Maui with people from around the world."

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Hike Maui Guide Glori Glori Rave Review link


“Bubbly and charismatic.” That’s how some clients describe Glori. Seems she is aptly named. Not just her first name, she tells us she has now become her middle name: Ka‘iwiolelo which means bones that tell the stories. In Hawai‘i, bones retain a person’s mana (spiritual essence). This was Glori’s great-grandmother’s name, and she thinks guiding “allows me to do my namesake. I’m telling people stories of this ‘aina (land).”

Glori left Hawai‘i at age nine to live in Wisconsin and she was always “anxious to get home.” Her three children agreed, but husband Troy wasn’t quite sure. On his first visit, though, he stepped off the plane, “felt the breeze hit his face and said: ‘Why don’t we live here?’ He called the breeze ‘God’s breath.’”

Previously, Glori always had management and graphics jobs, but says: “I made a pact with myself that I’d never have a desk job again. I wanted to be outside. I read Hike Maui’s website and knew this was my job. I love it. I love this island. I love teaching people about it.”

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Hike Maui Guide Jake Jake Rave Review link<


Jake learned a respect for the land in his native Molokai, where he learned to fish, hunt and craft traditional cordage from natural, sustainable materials. Ask him about Maui’s plants and trees—he’s Hike Maui’s resident arborist and can tell you all kinds of fun facts about how things are grown and used in the islands. Jake’s had plenty of practice passing on his knowledge about Hawaii and its wild side. He’s been a museum docent charged with bringing Hawaiian history to life and is a dedicated dad. "I love teaching my son about how the land provides for us as long as we serve it," he says.

Jake is no stranger to guiding all kinds of explorers to island wonders. He’s spent 12 years mountaineering and rock climbing, and long ago began sharing his personal knowledge of the wilderness with friends and visitors of all ages and abilities. Now a professional guide, Jake is excited to introduce you, too, to the magic of Maui.

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Hike Maui Guide Jeremy Jeremy Rave Review link


There is nothing quite like Jeremy's smile -- it tells you all about his style: exuberant, boyish, caring, fun loving. He's always eager to show you one more waterfall, do one more cliff jump, detail the wonders of yet one more plant. His enthusiasm is nonstop fun and aloha. He is an "island guy" -- a mix of Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, European.

He took a break from home to live in Minnesota and Arizona for four years. He loved it--loved the snow and snowboarding--and he found out what it's like to be a visitor. "I love visitors," he says. "Living in Hawai'i, I love sharing, passing on all the knowledge I've learned about my home."

Jeremy's son, Kanoa, born in 2000, inspires Jeremy to be so giving. "I'm raising Kanoa to be interested in nature and be in touch with his culture. As a father, I know that knowledge is worth nothing unless you share it with people."

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Hike Maui Guide Kate Kate Rave Review link


Kate says she's a "nerd" -- one of the most academic students we've had in our guide class. Somehow she melds this studiousness with a great sense of humor and outdoorsy adventurousness. And she has a genuine sense of the ridiculous. On the trail she's knowledgeable and goofy at the same time. "You're in the jungle," she says. "You've got to have fun with it --getting goofy and having fun. Get muddy, jump off the waterfalls, take crazy photos."

Her life has always expressed these two themes: adventure and nature. Both her parents taught environmental economy and education, so she grew up with those values, studying environmental ethics and philosophy in college, but adventure also called, taking her from Upstate New York to Texas, Colorado, India and a "Semester at Sea" - around the world in 100 days. She ended up on Maui to work on an organic farm, then decided she'd like to get paid to hike. "Guiding is perfect for me. I call it my 'crazy Hawaiian adventure days.' "

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Hike Maui Guide Marko Marko Rave Review link


He calls himself "Marko Polo." Marko is an adventurer and a scientist, and has lived in Hawai`i since 1979. He does service work for the Nature Conservancy and was on the executive board of the local Sierra Club. With a degree in marine biology from UC Berkeley, Marko spent seven years teaching high school biology and environmental science. But the adventurer kept resurfacing to take him across the globe: crewing for a year around Africa on an oil supply vessel, exploring Asia, researching plants in the Amazon. He also worked for seven years as a fire fighter, doing land and sea rescues.

He was with us full time for years, then needed to go back to his first love -- teaching science to kids. Often accused of being a big kid himself, Marko will leap off any and all rocks and waterfalls. He'll let you come out and play with him on weekends and summers when he returns to us from his school job.

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Hike Maui Guide Nicholas Nicholas Rave Review link


"I like a good story," Nicholas says. That's why he's studying to be a history teacher --history is stories of interesting people. And, he loves Hawaiian stories. "The culture is so different --their connection to the land, the sea, their gods, their food. The gleam in their eyes, the passion they have for their land, their family, their culture –it's quite beautiful."

Nicholas is our entertainer. He produces and acts in local theater. "This goes back to story telling," he explains. "It's where story telling and art meet. A good story should change you, should move you. I love to entertain."

And so he entertains on his hikes. "I love it out there -- I'm very happy out on the trail, guiding people. Something as simple as a coconut tree, you can get someone so excited.

"I think of our valleys as museums. There's so much to see, so much to talk about. Every plant, every tree, every bird has a story." Story telling again.

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Hike Maui Guide pali pali Rave Review link


Pali is our jungle girl. She grew up in a remote rainforest area of Maui, where, she says. “We live off the grid, and we kids were barefoot all the time, exploring everywhere. I felt wild and free growing up.”

But, by age 18, “I wanted to see the world.” So she spent two college years in Vancouver, then bought a round-the-world ticket and took off, returning homesick a year later. During her travels she worked in New Zealand, Australia and Spain on a sheep farm, an apple orchard and a cattle ranch.

Within no time the travel bug hit again and she spent the next two years working as a bartender in Edinburgh, Scotland. “It seemed so magical and different--it’s so old, and I love the history, myths and legends of the UK.” Until the gray skies, the cold and rain sent her back to Maui and to Hike Maui. “I was a tourist for a long time myself, so I like showing tourists my island.”

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Hike Maui Guide Pasco Pasco Rave Review link


Pasco always has a quick, understated quip. He's clever and funny, but he's also serious, especially about Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures. It's his family's tradition -- they have taught various Polynesian dances, drumming and martial arts for generations.

What he loves best about Hawai'i is the people: "The people here make you feel welcome--like my family reunions. Warmth (to explain it) seems grossly inadequate."

He likes to share that warmth by guiding: "Expect to have fun, to laugh; expect to learn. I enjoy seeing the forest for the first time in visitors' eyes. People who feel they don't have a relationship with the forest end up feeling a special connection. They're beaming smiles when we leave. It radiates from them."

Before guiding hikes on Maui, Pasco did his own hiking in California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and Massachusetts.

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Hike Maui Guide Randy Akiko Rave Review link


At seventeen, Randy joined the Air Force to see the world. Eventually he was stationed in Hawai'i, and fell in love with the Islands. When the Air Force began downsizing, Randy opted for early retirement.

By the time Randy came to us, he was already a professional guide. He had worked as a downhill bike guide and driven luxury tour vans on the Hana Highway. He sought out Hike Maui, he says, because of its reputation. "It's the oldest hiking company in the state with the most knowledgeable guides, and it's like a family. I was always hiking on my days off, so I figured, why not get paid to do what I really like to do?"

Randy is always upbeat, always quick, generally has a corny joke to tell, and loves to inspire visitors. "Every day I am reminded of the reasons I live here," he says, "and I enjoy sharing that."

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Hike Maui Guide Ray Akiko Rave Review link


Ray has always loved adventure. In his "small kid days" (island lingo), growing up on O`ahu, he led his buddies into the ridges and valleys of Ko`olau Mountain, bushwhacking, climbing, exploring and camping. This wild man stuff continued when he grew up and joined the Army's 82nd Airborne as a reconnaissance paratrooper (spending three years jumping out of planes and helicopters).

Then he really grew up: got sensible, got married, had two kids and began working in hotel management. He kept being promoted until he "burned out," he says, "managing too many people, spending too much time at the hotel and too little time where it really counts--at home."

He found the balance he was looking for by guiding visitors for Hike Maui--adventure and service in one job. "I can be outdoors and still deal with customers. I like educating people about our culture and about nature. I like to say I'm saving the world one van-load at a time."

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Hike Maui Guide Sonya Akiko Rave Review link


Sonya is a doula (a labor assistant for mothers). She studied New Zealand's successful birthing centers for six months; she wrote her master's thesis on the idea of a birthing center on Maui; and she hopes one day to spearhead such a center on Maui because: "Birth is one of the most intense experiences of someone's life. It's part of the creation process, and helping someone achieve that is inspiring."

Meanwhile, though she appears feminine and dainty, she rappels and climbs, hikes and swims, and loves the great outdoors of Maui where she was born and raised.

"When you grow up here, you have an understanding of the culture and the land. It's great to lead tours in the rain forest because the plants are your friends. I see them every day.

"We have the most incredible natural beauty here. It's awe inspiring, and, culturally, the ethnic diversity makes this a very dynamic place. I love it. It's home."

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Directions to KAHULUI

GPS - No physical address
Intersection of Highways 350 & 380.
Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 52 minutes, 30 seconds north, 156 degrees, 27 minutes, 43 seconds west

From Wailea / Makena and south end of Kihei
  • Highway 31 (Pi'ilani Highway) - head north.
  • Follow airport signs to Kahului, bearing right onto Hwy 311.
  • After 10 minutes, look for big church (King's Cathedral), then move into left lane.
  • Turn left onto Hwy 380 (Kuihelani Hwy).
  • Go 200 yards and turn right into "Park n' Ride" commuter lot.
  • Park your car against a concrete block wall.
From north Kihei
  • Go north on Kihei Road along the ocean.
  • At end of road, turn right onto N. Kihei Road (Hwy 310) towards Wailea.
  • Move into left lane immediately and turn left onto Hwy 311 north to Kahului.
  • After 10 minutes - see big church (King's Cathedral --your landmark).
  • Move to left lane and turn left onto Hwy 380 (Kuihelani).
  • Drive 200 yards and turn right into "Park n' Ride" commuter lot.
From Lahaina /Ka'anapali /Kapalua
  • Head south on Highway 30 as if you're going to Kahului Airport.
  • Turn right onto Hwy 380.
  • Five miles down 380 there's a concrete block wall on left.
  • Turn left across highway into Park n' Ride commuter lot against that wall.

KAYAK Directions: to Olowalu Beach

GPS - No physical address.
Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 48 minutes, 37 seconds north - 156 degrees, 36 minutes, 50 second west

From Lahaina /Ka'anapali /Kapalua
  • Head south on Highway 30 as if you're going back to Kahului Airport.
  • Past Olowalu General Store, look for Mile Marker 15 on the mountain side (left side).
  • Past MM 15, there's a house with a red roof on the beach side.
  • Just past the house look for kayaks on the beach - park there.
  • Ask for the kayak company that works with Hike Maui (Keli'i Kayaks).
From Kihei / Wailea / Makena
  • North on Hwy 31.
  • Past Kaiwahine Street move to left lane and go left towards Lahaina onto 310 North.
  • At the end of 310 turn left onto Highway 30.
  • Look for MM 14 (on right--mountain side) go 3/4 of a mile past MM 14.
  • Look on ocean side for kayaks.
  • Ask for the kayak company that works with Hike Maui (Keli'i Kayaks).

We have stacks of articles from nearly three decades of press. These depicted are a fun and eclectic sampling. See below for a list of all newspapers and magazines that have featured Hike Maui.

hike maui in travel and leisure

Travel + Leisure

Back at the Hike Maui van, as we peeled off our strange shoes, one man said, “This has been a great day. In fact, it has been the best day of my entire life.” Guiltily, we all thought of weddings and births of children, but we agreed.

Hike Maui in Town Country Travel

Town&Country Travel

What really sets the outfitter apart, though, is its hike leaders. Versed in the area's natural history and lore, they provide a narrative for each adventure that makes the landscape come to life.

Hike Maui in Islands - The Real Hawaii


A Perfect Day in Hawai'i: Trek with Ken Schmitt and his Hike Maui outfit. Walk deep into the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park, swim upstream, tiptoe above one waterfall and lunge into the icy pool of another.

Hike Maui in National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveler

“Hawaii,” (our guide) explained, “has the greatest endemism on earth--species that are found only here: almost 850 species of flowering plants, 60 surviving species of birds.”

Hike Maui in Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller

The Hike Maui staff are knowledgeable about flora, fauna, geology and local history. Just as important, they have the restraint to forgo the guilt-inducing clucking that’s a hallmark of ecotourism. They also pack a mean lunch.

Honolulu Magazine

Honolulu Magazine

All its guides seem to be encyclopedias in hiking boots, as familiar with the geography, legends, history, botany and archaeology of Maui as they are with the trails. By the end of the day I felt as if I had finally gotten to know Maui.


Calgary Sun

Our naturalist and guide John (Kahi) overflowed with stories of Hawaiian culture and explanations of how the plants surrounding us could be used for food or traditional medicine.

Hike Maui in Texas Homes

Texas Homes

The satisfaction of having slightly flirted with danger and closely mingled with Hawaii’s greatest attraction--its natural theater--left us happy and winded.

Hike Maui in Saturday Evening Post

Saturday Evening Post

Guide Lono crams more information on botany, sociology, geography, and anthropology into a few hours than you could ever hope to remember. And when he’s done, he still leaves you wanting more.

Hike Maui in Spa Finder

Spa Finder

Hike Maui began in the 1980’s by Ken Schmitt, as a way to share his knowledge of Maui’s natural history, mythology and legend on hikes into the back country. Now, he has a whole team of thoroughly informed leaders.

Hike Maui in Diablo Best

Diablo Magazine

For those looking to experience more of the natural beauty of Hawaii, Hike Maui offers great opportunities for ecotourism. The hike was especially fun for those willing to jump in the falls and get wet.

Fairfield County Home

Fairfield County Home

With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll have all sorts of memorable experiences such as taking a shower in a waterfall, climbing the roots of a banyan tree and snacking on guava fruit you pick yourself.

Hike Maui in Bride


How about starting things off with a honeymoon hike? Ken Schmitt, a naturalist and Maui buff, turns walking into a luxury adventure.

Hike Maui in Aloha Airlines Magazine

Aloha Airline Magazine

(Our guide) is a virtual walking database of Hawaiian anthropology and natural history

Hike Maui in Honolulu Star Bulletin

Honolulu Star Bulletin

Hike Maui was born in 1983. Since then, it has earned numerous accolades as the oldest, most experienced hiking company in the state. "We are the wilderness experts," Schmitt says.

Hike Maui in Aloha Airlines Magazine

The Vancouver Sun

While most tourists come to Maui to worship the sun on its white sand beaches, locals consider the mountains and rainforests to be their most sacred places. For them, the true magic of the island is found in the wilderness near waterfalls, rainforests and volcanoes.

Hike Maui in Honolulu Star Bulletin


"I think of our valleys as museums," said our guide Nicholas Batres from Hike Maui. "There's so much to see and talk about when you're hiking in Maui and it's nice to have someone to show you around when you are hiking a trail for the first time."

Hike Maui voted Favorite Maui Activity Company Traveler Choice Awards

Hike Maui is voted Favorite Maui Activity Company for 2013. They garnered the highest number of votes of any of our seven categorie. The winner of this category earned the most votes in any category.

Hike Maui voted Favorite Maui Activity Company

Hawaii Eco-Tourism Association

The Hawai‘i Ecotourism Association has chosen Hike Maui as Hawaii's top ecotour company for the year of 2010. Hike Maui is very strong when it comes to cultural interpretation and instruction.

Many more articles have been written about us than those shown above. In fact, we have a four-inch stack of newspaper and magazine articles written about Hike Maui from the following media:


  • Baltimore Sun
  • Boston Globe
  • Calgary Sun
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • Edmonton Journal
  • Fairbanks Daily News
  • Grand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids MI)
  • Honolulu Star-Bulletin
  • Honolulu Advertiser
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Las Vegas Sun
  • Los Angeles Herald Examiner
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The Maui News
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • The Spokesman-Review Spokane Chronicle
  • San Francisco Examiner
  • The Times News (Leighton PA)
  • Toronto Globe & Mail
  • West County Times (Richmond CA)

Airline & Travel Magazines

  • United Airlines Magazine
  • Sky, Delta Airlines Magazine
  • Spirit of Aloha (Aloha Airlines Magazine
  • America West Airlines Magazine
  • Hawaiian Airlines Magazine
  • Profiles, Continental Airlines
  • Voyager, World Airways Magazine

Travel Mags

  • Conde Nast Traveler
  • Islands Magazine
  • Travel & Leisure
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Travel-Holiday
  • Ranch & Coast
  • Tours & Resorts Magazine
  • Westways (AAA)
  • Family Adventures
  • TravelAge East
  • TravelAge West
  • Motorland
  • Hawaii
  • Relax Magazine
  • Travel Agent Magazine
  • Walking

General Interest Mags

  • Diablo Magazine
  • Gentlemen’s Quarterly
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Fairfield Country Home
  • Grand Magazine
  • Irish Bride
  • More Magazine
  • San Francisco Examiner Magazine
  • San Francisco Focus Magazine
  • The Saturday Evening Post
  • New Choices
  • Self
  • Bride’s Magazine
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Relax Magazine
  • San Diego Avenues
  • Chicago Parent
  • Spa Finder

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